Zoom Mallakhamb, Vivek Vadoliya
Zoom Mallakhamb, Vivek Vadoliya

Mallakhamb, Vivek Vadoliya


In a bustling park in the heart of Mumbai, lithe, limber bodies practice Mallakhamb, an ancient martial art form combining wrestling grips and yoga poses to suspend the body and perform aerial acrobatic movements. They move like water – women on ropes while men manoeuvre poles.

• 254 x 203 mm
• Printed on Symbol Tatami Ivory in EU
• First Edition of 400
• £35.00 + postage

Curated and Edited by Mathea Millman
Design by Maximilian Mauracher
Published by Anti Hero
Produced by Yashodhara Datar & Matthew Brown
Hand Prints by Sarah England
Colour Proofing by Studio RM