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Caitlin Chescoe, Belief & Truth, Special Edition

Caitlin Chescoe, Belief & Truth, Special Edition

Each special edition comes in a presentation box, together with a 180 x 250mm Giclée pigment print, signed, dated and numbered by the artist. The print included presents the main ceiling of The Grand Temple inside The United Grand Lodge of England.

The book is presented in combination with the fine art print in a hard case, covered in linen cloth and embossed with a gold foil. Reserve a copy of the special edition and receive 10% discount during the pre-order period. 

'Belief & Truth, Inside the Freemasons' is an exploration of the mysterious brotherhood of Freemasonry by Caitlin Chescoe. Born into a family with three generations of Freemasons, this book goes beyond her close links and reveals insightful surprises about the 300 year old organisation. Having long been labelled an 'old boys club' and 'secret society', Chescoe shares the individual experiences of both male and female Freemasons focusing on the many pre-conceived ideas about Masonry through a series of portraits, interiors, still lifes, archives and testimonials.

204 x 260mm, 140 pages, hardback covered with blue linen, foil embossed in gold on the front, back and spine. Includes a 120 page main image section with two gatefold throw-outs, plus a 20 page archive section.

Pre-order, Shipping May 23:
Pre-orders are a vital way of making this book possible and every order helps in bringing the project to life. This special edition requires at least ten orders in order to be made. After ordering, we will contact you with further information regarding the progress of the production, and the delivery of the edition.