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Volcano Songs, Wanda Orme

Volcano Songs, Wanda Orme

"What are Volcano Songs? A kind of restless hunger, a flowing, a body joining with other bodies, assembling and reassembling. Intimacy and expanse in equal measure, upheaval and hope.

The photographs and words in Volcano Songs were created on and around the volcano Vesuvius and on Alicudi and Pantelleria, volcanic islands scattered to Italy’s south.

Volcanos are more than one thing. They are both stillness and movement. They have an individuality and a strength yet they arise and fall, they are always in process.

Pressure points, radical upheavals, giving way to destruction and creation, they are a paradox unsolvable and real. Volcanos are apertures, where one world’s truth spills into another."

Printed and thread sewn in the UK, Volcano Songs has been made using a special semi-pearlescent paper, resulting in a beautiful shimmer that catches the light and brings this ethereal series alive.

• 200 x 297mm
• 48 pages
• Soft singer sewn covers
• Special papers throughout
• Includes an individual print
• Print on pearlescent silver